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» Post truth times. We the media

Post truth times. We the mediaPost truth times. We the mediaPost truth times. We the media

On 25, May 2016 | No Comments | In | By Héctor Carré

Post truth times. We the media

¿Cómo afecta Internet al periodismo y al derecho a la información de los ciudadanos?

La distribuidora francesa Java films se ocupará de las ventas internacionales de nuestro documental sobre periodismo We the media, bajo el título: Post truth times.

Is the end of printed newspapers going to mean  the end of the fourth power, the journalism of verification we knew in the XX century?

I heard a story of a man who had two houses. He was digging the foundations for the second when the first one started to burn. It was impossible to extinguish the fire so he tried to save the blueprints for the new house, but the drawings were already burnt. He was a journalist and that story was a metaphor of what was really happening all around the world as I was hearing it.   I wanted to know more.

Internet is changing everything. Journalism, information flow and the right of the people to be informed are at the stake in this process.


Following journalists from different media doing their job I try to find out if the end of paper printed newspapers could mean a danger for the independent journalism of verification and investigation that was known as fourth power.

Here you can see the four trailers I did so far:

When I wanted to know what was happening in the world I had always go to the pages of the newspapers. When I heard paper newspapers could disappear soon I turned to the journalist themselves to know about the story. I started talking to journalist who worked in province newspapers in the area I lived. After that I went to the principal journals, radios an tv stations in Spain, finally I went two other countries and I found that Gay Talese was right when he told me “Journalist are a common nation”.  This movie tells what they told me, sees what I saw travelling and talking to them while they were doing their job in the street, in the newsrooms or the studios.

I had the privilege to interview a few journalists who had a lot to say about journalism. In the pictures above you can see just a couple: Bill Kovach author of many books, including the famous The elements of journalism,  Gay Talese, world known  for his books and articles, claimed as the one of the creators of the New journalism,   who kindly allowed me to shoot in his home.

And I had the chance to talk to Noam Chomsky at the M.I.T. in Boston. I don’t think there is room here for a summary of his works.

Noam Chomsky comp

I went to  the New York Times. You can see me here with Mr. Adolph Ochs, founder of the dynasty who owns the paper since more than a hundred years.

Con Adolph Ochs comp

Sadly I couldn’t get a single word from him.


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