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Trailer 3 We the media en América.

On 16, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Sin categoría | By Héctor Carré

New trailer of We the media after the shooting in the U.S.A.

I had the privilege to interview a few journalists who had a lot to say about journalism. In the picture above you see Bill Kovach co author of the famous book The Elements of journalism, in Washington D.C.

This a new trailer that tries to give and idea of what we got so far.

This is Mr. Gay Talese, famous for his books and articles, claimed as the one of the creators of the New journalism,   who kindly allowed me to shoot in his home.Gay Talese


And I had the chance to talk to Noam Chomsky at the M.I.T. in Boston. I don’t think there is room here for a summary of his works.

Noam Chomsky comp

I went to  the New York Times. You can see me here with Mr. Adolph Ochs, founder of the dynasty who owns the paper since more than a hundred years.

Con Adolph Ochs comp

Sadly I couldn’t get a single word from him.







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