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We the media, Trailer II

On 08, Abr 2015 | No Comments | In Sin categoría | By Héctor Carré

Here you can see a secondary trailer of We the media, a documentary film about the craft of journalism. It was elaborated after a few weeks shooting inside «El mundo» one of the principal newspapers of the world in Spanish language.

A very exciting experience for a film-maker interested in storytelling.

I’m looking forward to continue shooting in Spain and other places like New York…

So far so good. I’m finding a very collaborative spirit in most of the journalists  I meet. I’m getting access to very special places. I think I’ll be able to show the audience images and aspects they ignore about a fascinating profession. I must confess my inner feelings. I think that, more than ever,  independent journalism today is of the utmost importance for the citizens and for democracy.

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